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Way to generate good looking pdf from table result?


I need to generate a good looking PDF from table results for my inventory system in order to send a purchase order to a supplier. What are my alternatives?


The solution for generating a good-looking PDF from a table result for an inventory system that needs to generate a purchase order in PDF to send to a supplier is multiple. One option is using a third-party API like PDFShift or DocRaptor. Another option is using a JavaScript library such as jsPDF or the upcoming custom JS libraries feature on AppSmith to generate the document.

An alternative solution is to use an iframe with a print button, which lets the user print to PDF. Soon, AppSmith will release a template for this exact use case once the JS library feature launches. Until then, using third-party APIs or JavaScript libraries are the best approach.

Overall, there are multiple options available to generate a good-looking PDF from a table result, depending on the specific needs and technical requirements of the project.