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What to do when Mongo is down: MongoTimeoutException


I am experiencing an issue with Appsmith where it is not responding and there is a MongoTimeoutException in the logs. I need to gather the mongo and docker logs to help debug the issue. The mongo logs can be found at stacks/logs/mongodb/db.log and the docker logs can be found using the command “docker logs -f appsmith” or in the stacks/logs/backend/ folder.


If Appsmith is not responding and there is a MongoTimeoutException in the logs, the first step is to gather the mongo logs and the docker logs. The mongo logs can be found at stacks/logs/mongodb/db.log, and the docker logs can be obtained by running the command docker logs -f appsmith in the terminal or finding the log file in stacks/logs/backend/.

Once these logs have been obtained, they can be used to identify the root cause of the issue. This may involve debugging the code, reviewing the configuration settings, or troubleshooting network connectivity problems. Once the root cause has been identified, a solution can be implemented to resolve the issue and restore Appsmith to full functionality.

Code examples may be necessary to help diagnose the problem and develop a solution. These may include snippets of code that interact with the Mongo database, configuration files that control the behavior of Appsmith or its dependencies, or network diagnostics tools that can identify issues with network connectivity. By using these tools and techniques, it is possible to resolve issues with Appsmith and ensure that it continues to run smoothly.