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When will appsmith can support oracle datasources?


As an Appsmith user, I am frustrated that there is no timeline for when Oracle datasources will be supported by the platform. It is hindering my ability to fully utilize Appsmith for my projects.


There is no solution available at the moment for Appsmith to support Oracle datasources. This means that if you are using an Oracle database as the backend for your application, you may have to look for other options or wait for Appsmith to introduce support for Oracle datasources.

However, you may be able to work around this limitation by using an intermediate layer such as a REST API or GraphQL endpoint that can interact with your Oracle database. You can then use Appsmith to consume data from this intermediate layer.

Here's an example code snippet for creating a REST API endpoint using Node.js and the Oracle Database Node.js Driver:

const oracledb = require('oracledb');
const express = require('express');
const app = express();

const connectionDetails = {
user: 'your_username',
password: 'your_password',
connectString: 'localhost/orcl'

app.get('/users', async (req, res) => {
let conn;

try {
conn = await oracledb.getConnection(connectionDetails);
const result = await conn.execute('SELECT * FROM users');
} catch (err) {
res.status(500).send('Internal server error');
} finally {
if (conn) {
await conn.close();

app.listen(3000, () => {
console.log('Server started on port 3000');

In this example, we create an API endpoint that retrieves data from a users table and returns it as JSON. This endpoint can then be consumed by Appsmith to display the data in a UI. Note that you will need to install the oracledb Node.js driver and configure your connection details accordingly.