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Where is Data stored?


I have deployed Appsmith on my machine successfully, but I have two questions before using it at a production level. Firstly, where does the dashboard data get stored? Secondly, does Appsmith require internet access after deployment?


The solution provided is for Appsmith, a platform for building internal tools, dashboards, and workflows. The user has successfully deployed Appsmith on a machine and has questions about using it at a production level.

The first question relates to data storage, where the user asks where the data from the dashboard will be stored. The answer is that all data will be stored in MongoDB, which is shipped as a part of the Appsmith installation.

The second question is about internet usage. The user wants to know if they need to provide any internet access after the deployment is complete. The answer is that internet access is necessary. Appsmith supports air-gapped installations only in their Enterprise edition, which the user could explore further by setting up a call with Appsmith.

In summary, the solution suggests that the user leverages the MongoDB storage system for their dashboard data, and to consider the internet access necessary for the deployment of Appsmith. The user may also explore the Enterprise edition of Appsmith should they be interested in an air-gapped installation.