INSERT data into Join/Junction Table

I have three tables in a Postgres database - Titles, Attributes, and Titles_Attributes_Join. The Titles table contains a list of titles and the Attributes table contains a list of attributes. The Titles_Attributes_Join table is a JOIN/JUNCTION table that stores the primary keys for titles and attributes so I can have a MANY TO MANY lookup. My question is how in AppSmith would I build an interface so when you select a Title and an Attribute it would update the Titles_Attributes_Join table?

Hi Jeff and welcome to our community! I think the solution would be to use 2 select widgets that load the data from Titles and Attributes each, then after selecting a value in each of these widgets, you click a Button widget and run an update query in its onClick event that updates the Titles_Attributes_Join table.
Please also take a look at our sample apps and fork them to check the code if you find any of them helpful for your use case.