Redirect users to the production website when domain is entered

I have deployed a self-hosted appsmith in digital ocean. I was wondering if there is a way to redirect users directly to production application home page instead of the appsmith login page. Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Example: I have setup appsmith in a domain named:; Now I want to take the user to the actual applications login page instead of appsmith’s login page.

Hey @naqib, today it’s not possible to set the application page as the home/root page. I’ll check with my team to see if we can create any redirections using other services.

Else, we’ll understand more uses-cases like these and create a new GitHub issue to solve this.

Hi @naqib :wave:
We’ve been thinking about this feature recently and doing a little research on it. Would you be willing to talk to us about this? You can find some time on my calendar below