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Announcing: Appsmith Ambassador Program!

Appsmith is a global company, and so is our community! 🌐

We already have an active Spanish and French channel in Discord, and several community members who regularly jump in to offer help to other users. We’re also seeing a lot of new video content in other languages, from creators in Brazil, Germany, France, and several other regions. 

To help enable our global community, we’re adding a new Appsmith Ambassador role to Discord and the community portal, and Regional Ambassadors for in-person events. And we have our first two ambassadors! 

Please join me in welcoming: 

Oscar SantanaSpanish Ambassador, UAE Regional AmbassadorOscar Santana

Not only does Oscar help out regularly in our Spanish channel, he also runs his entire clinic on Appsmith, and just did a case study with us! Oscar also won our February template contest. 

Oscar is based in Abu Dhabi and is also our new Regional Ambassador for in person events in the UAE. 

Welcome Oscar! 


Baptiste CoqueletFrench AmbassadorImage

Baptiste is a software engineer at iCOW Systems in France, who regularly helps out in the French channel. Baptiste is passionate about IT and development. Specializing in API development and integrations, Baptiste uses Appsmith to quickly and easily build frontends for internal applications. 

Welcome Baptiste! 


Interested in becoming an Appsmith Ambassador? πŸ™‹πŸ½


We're looking for help in two specific areas: 

Channel (Language) Ambassador

  • This role involves assisting other community members in Discord and the community portal, for a specific language other than English. We currently have channels for Spanish and French, and we'll be adding new channels as demand increases, and ambassadors are recruited. 

Regional (In-person) Ambassadors

  • This role is for developers who regularly speak at in-person conferences and developer meet-ups, and who would like to help others in their region learn about Appsmith. Qualifying applicants will receive their own swag pack, as well as extras to distribute at events. 


Apply Here: https://forms.gle/LmMa6K5AeVUoFPYYA

Note: Applications are also open for our Community Leader role

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Tue, 04/16/2024 - 14:19

Thank you Oscar and Baptiste!