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FAQ: Appsmith Hacktoberfest 2023

Mark your calendars and join us and start hacking October 1st to rewrite the future of software together. 🌐💻 Don't forget to use the official hashtag: #AppsmithHacktoberfest and join the conversation in our Discord official Hacktoberfest channel

We know that you probably have a lot of questions, and we are so happy to answer all of them, also, if you have further questions make sure to also leave a comment in this post. 

1. What is Hacktoberfest? Is it an Appsmith only event? 

Hacktoberfest is a global event, and it's not exclusive to Appsmith. This year, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this incredible event. Hacktoberfest is an annual initiative by DigitalOcean, designed to inspire individuals to contribute to open-source projects throughout the month of October. It's a vital part of the global tech community.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, many critical components, including some of DigitalOcean's own products, and of course, Appsmith, rely on open-source projects. These projects are nurtured and maintained by passionate individuals who often lack the resources and funding to do much more than keep the project alive. Hacktoberfest is a heartfelt effort to give back to these projects, hone our skills, and celebrate the essence of open source.

Over the past decade, Hacktoberfest has seen participation from thousands of individuals, ranging from experienced coders to those new to the world of coding. They join this event to show support for the projects they use and cherish, enhance their skills, and connect with like-minded open-source enthusiasts who share the same passion.

By participating in Hacktoberfest, Appsmith joins this global celebration of open source, reinforcing our commitment to the open-source community and its incredible contributors.

2. Can you elaborate on the different categories?

Sure, these are the following categories: 

  1. UI Building Block
    • Design the Future: Showcase what's possible with the look and feel of Appsmith by crafting stunning UI Building Blocks. Whether it's sleek dashboards, elegant forms, or visually engaging widgets, your UI Templates will shape the future of app creation. Empower developers to build beautiful, user-friendly applications with your creative touch by creating UI Templates forkable apps.
  2. Starter Templates
    • We invite contributors to enhance and expand our collection of starter templates for Appsmith. These templates serve as a springboard for developers, making it easier than ever to kickstart their application-building journey. Started Templates offer a collaborative space to shape the future of application development. Join us in making Appsmith even more accessible and powerful for everyone!
  3. Full Apps
    • Data Unleashed: Have data? You have a source! Bring your data to life within Appsmith by creating a full app for your desired datasources. Whether it's a database, API, or any other data provider, make it accessible and manageable will full logic from top to bottom through Appsmith. Empower developers to harness the power of data effortlessly.
  4. Development Tools
    • Empower the Builders: Create tools, plugins, or extensions that streamline the development process within Appsmith. Whether it's debugging aids, code generators, or productivity-enhancing utilities, your contributions will be the secret weapon in every developer's toolkit. I mean, we all need a regex validator!

3. What's the "Best of AI" Surprise Category?

In addition to the exciting main categories for winning, we have a special surprise waiting for you - the "Best of AI" category! This category is your chance to showcase the incredible potential of AI in your contributions.

Here's the deal: If you've participated in any of the four main categories and your template, project, or contribution integrates AI in any form, or you've tagged it with the "AI" label, you're automatically eligible for this unique category.

It's your opportunity to impress us with the ways you've harnessed AI to enhance your projects. Whether it's smart predictions, data analysis, natural language processing, or any other AI-powered feature, we want to see how you've leveraged AI to take your contributions to the next level.

The "Best of AI" category isn't just special; it comes with a special prize too! So, if you've integrated AI into your Hacktoberfest contributions, don't forget to tag them with "AI" and showcase your innovation in this exciting category.

Show us how AI is revolutionizing open source, and you could be the proud winner of this one-of-a-kind award! Good luck! 🤖

4. Is there any agenda of events during October to support the community? 

Sure! We have a full agenda scheduled to support you during the Hacktoberfest:

  • October 2nd: Hacktoberfest Kick-off: Join us live for an introduction to Hacktoberfest and its significance, Appsmith's role in supporting open source development and how to participate in the hacktoberfest. SIGN UP HERE
  • October 12th: Relase Jam and AMA! Join us for an exclusive live event where we unveil the latest and greatest features, improvements, and innovations in Appsmith. It's your front-row seat to see how we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with our open-source, low-code, and now-code platform and you will have the chance to ask all your questions during the Ask Me Anything session.
  • October 19th: Appsmith Innovate: Quick Insights, Big Impact! join us for a whirlwind virtual conference dedicated entirely to Appsmith. In just two hours, we'll be packing in a series of hyper-focused 15-minute sessions, each one designed to maximize information while respecting your time. SIGN UP HERE.
  • October 26: Appsmith Livecoding! Get ready for an immersive journey into the world of AppSmith like you've never seen before! Discover the art of harnessing the full potential of our platform, right from scratch. In this transparent and comprehensive session, we'll leave no stone unturned as we guide you through the entire process. This session will be perfect to ask all your questions and drive through Hacktoberfest.
  • November 1st: Hacktoberfest Closure! Join us for the last session, a fun community event where we will announce the winners for each category!

5. I'm a winner! How are prizes being delivered to me? 

We use global distributors to handle the delivery of prizes to our winners. These distributors rely on the shipping address you've provided in your community portal profile. Therefore, it's crucial that you've set up your address correctly and accurately in your profile. Double-check that all the details are current and complete.

Now, it's important to note that while we do our best to get your prizes to you as swiftly as possible, we don't have control over the production, shipping, or delivery timelines. These aspects can vary depending on several factors, including your location and the type of prize. Rest assured, though, that our distributors work diligently to get your prizes to you in a timely manner.

So, please keep an eye on your provided shipping address, and once the prizes are in transit, keep an eye out for delivery notifications. We hope you enjoy your well-earned rewards in case you are a lucky winner! 🎉🏆

If you have further questions use the form down bellow to ask all your questions, we'll answer all of them!