How To Build A Simple DB Email And Password Auth Flow: RLS Series Part 2


Welcome to the second video in the RLS series. In this video, we'll build a sign-in/sign-up flow using the database, users' email, and hashed password. See you there!

Link to Foundry repo with SQL commands, DB files, and fully-built Appsmith app

Next steps
* Check out part 1: Series intro video

• How To Create Mul...
* Check out part 3: Implementing RLS on Postgres

• How To Set Up RLS...


00:00 - Intro
00:49 - Building the Sign-in/Sign-up UI
07:21 - Hashing password on the client
14:40 - Saving hashed passwords to the DB
31:01 - What's next

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starring: Confidence Okoghenun;