How To Manage Sessions, Authentication And Authorization: RLS Series Part 4


We've completed much of the groundwork required for our cutting-edge multi-tenant app. In this part of the series, we'll put all of the pieces together, and by the end of it, you'll have built a fully functional & secure app with RLS

Link to Foundry repo with SQL commands, DB files, and completed app

Next steps
* Check out part 3: How to setup RLS on Postgres

• How To Set Up RLS...
* Check out part 5: The final episode

• How To Setup Logo...


00:00 - Intro
00:51 - How to set the DB session and query as the logged-in user
04:53 - Manage the user session on the client
12:12 - Building a small Todo app for our users
20:13 - What's next

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