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Can I attach files to a table row / use filepicker for this?


I am trying to build an AppSmith app to manage my customers and attach a file (e.g. a contract as a PDF) to each customer (one customer = one row). I want to use a modal/form to pick and upload the file, and display an icon in each row with the uploaded file so that I can view the file by clicking the icon. I'm not sure if it's possible to do this with the file picker widget in AppSmith. Can someone guide me?


To display uploaded files in a table row using AppSmith, a user can use the file picker widget. The file picker widget can be dragged onto the form, and then the user can upload the file to the desired API.

To use the file picker widget, the user can follow a guide on its usage, which will provide code examples on how to implement it. Once the file is uploaded, the user can display an icon in each row with the uploaded contract so that the user can click on the icon to open the PDF file.

This way, the user can manage their customers and contract files effectively using AppSmith and improve their overall workflow.