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Connect to Supabase properly


I am encountering a problem with my Appsmith app connected to a PostgreSQL database hosted on Supabase. Even though Appsmith is supposed to pool only 5 connections, my database keeps overflowing with connections, sometimes hitting my connection limit by the end of the day. I suspect that Appsmith is not closing the first 5 connections after a period of inactivity, and I have already opened a bug report on their GitHub page.


The user reported a bug where Appsmith was not pooling connections correctly when connecting to a PostgreSQL database hosted on Supabase. Despite having a connection limit of 5, the user noticed that after periods of inactivity, Appsmith was establishing 5 more connections without closing the first 5 connections, causing the database to overflow with connections.

The user disabled Supabase's connection pooler to see if it was causing the issue, but it persisted. After opening a bug report on GitHub, the Appsmith team acknowledged the issue and is working on a solution.

Meanwhile, the user suggested routing Appsmith's connection through Supabase's in-house connection pooler to manage the connections until the issue is resolved. The user also shared their workspace with the Appsmith support team to help investigate the problem further.