An easy way to reset password on Appsmith


When you're locked out of your instance because you've forgotten your password, it might feel like the end of the world, especially if you haven't configured email on your instance
This guide is a quick solution for setting up a free test email server to receive password-reset emails on Appsmith using Mailtrap.

You can learn more about Mailtrap here 


Create Mailtrap Account.  

Go to and create a free account. Once you've created the account, a verification email will be sent to your email, which you'll need to attend to before you can be fully activated. 

Copy SMTP Configuration Values

Once your account has been activated, an SMTP server credentials will be automatically created for you, which you can access in your dashboard. In the SMTP credentials, the password would be redacted so you'll have to copy it from Mailtrap's dashboard and paste it into any text editor on your computer. The password would be automatically revealed. (In the option highlighted green in the image below, the default selected option is CURL. This was a big mess for me as there was a lot of information I didn't need. You can change it to Nodemailer so that you'll see only the values you need, as seen in the image)

SMTP values

Edit Appsmith Environment Values

Open your docker.env file (which you can find in your stakcs/configuration folder, the same directory as your Appsmith's docker-compsose.yml file) and replace the email server variables with the ones you've copied from Mailtrap. Set APPSMITH_MAIL_ENABLED to true and you can use any email you want for APPSMITH_MAIL_FROM, and APPSMITH_MAIL_TO

Appsmith ENV

Reset your password.

Once you've set the values, restart your Appsmith instance, go to the password reset page, and follow the process on your screen. An email will be sent to your Mailtrap Dashboard. Click the Button and you'll be redirected to the page where you can reset your password. 

Reset Password