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Global JS objects and queries


I would like there to be global Javascript objects and queries that I can use for central utility functions and look-up tables on multiple pages. Currently, I have to copy them repeatedly and changes are complex, as I have to replicate them on all pages. This is a horror for me as a developer.


To address the need for global JS objects and queries, a possible solution is to create a dedicated file or module that contains all the required functions and data. This file can be imported or required in all the pages or components that need access to these objects and queries.

For example, we can create a file called "globals.js" and define a utility function and a lookup table object as follows:

// globals.js
export const utils = {
formatDate: (date) => {
// implementation
// other utility functions

export const lookupTable = {
key1: 'value1',
key2: 'value2',
// other key-value pairs

Then, in any page or component where we want to use these global objects and queries, we simply import them from the "globals.js" file:

// MyPage.js
import { utils, lookupTable } from './globals.js';

// use the utility function
const formattedDate = utils.formatDate(new Date());

// use the lookup table
const value1 = lookupTable.key1;

This approach allows us to avoid duplicating code and data across multiple pages and components, and makes it easier to update or maintain the global objects and queries in one place. Additionally, we could implement a central permission functionality by defining a separate module or file that handles authentication and authorization logic, and importing it as needed.