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How do I access Private APIs on Appsmith?


I cannot connect to private APIs without self-hosting Appsmith or using a proxy.


To connect to private APIs using Appsmith, the solution is to self-host Appsmith. This means hosting the Appsmith application on a private server and configuring it to use the private API credentials for authentication.

Self-hosting Appsmith involves downloading the source code and deploying it on a server. Appsmith provides detailed documentation on how to self-host their application. Once the application is deployed, users can configure their private API credentials within Appsmith.

Alternatively, users can use a proxy to connect to the private API. This involves setting up a proxy server that acts as an intermediary between Appsmith and the private API. The proxy server is configured with the necessary credentials to access the private API and Appsmith is configured to use the proxy server as its connection endpoint.

Example code for self-hosting Appsmith is provided in the Appsmith documentation, along with detailed instructions on how to deploy the application. Example code for setting up a proxy server will depend on the specific tools and technologies being used to create the proxy, and can be found in the documentation for those tools.