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Support for Intersystems cache database


I am new to Appsmith and wondering if it's possible to connect it with Intersystems Cache database since I currently use JDBC with other tools. Although there is no native integration, it might be possible to connect to it through Appsmith's REST API datasource since Intersystems Cache provides API endpoints.


The solution to connect Appsmith with Intersystems Cache database is to use the REST API datasource provided by Intersystems Cache. Although Appsmith does not have a native integration with this framework, it is possible to connect to the database through the REST API datasource.

To do so, one would need to configure the API endpoints provided by Intersystems Cache and create a REST API datasource in Appsmith. This datasource can then be used to make API requests to the database and retrieve data.

An example of how to create a REST API datasource in Appsmith can be found in their documentation. This would involve specifying the URL, headers, and request type for the API endpoint. Once the datasource is created, it can be used in a query to retrieve data from the database.

While it may require some additional configuration and setup compared to using JDBC with other tools, using the REST API datasource should allow for a successful connection between Appsmith and Intersystems Cache database.