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Is there documentation to the backend server API?


I am interested in creating admin panels with Appsmith solely using my speech. I need a way to convert speech to commands that can run in the browser while understanding Appsmith's code and DOM to manipulate the UI. I'm open to writing a plugin or extension and exploring entry points to interact with the UI through the DOM rather than the API or DSL directly through voice commands. It would be great to have AI integration to enable this feature in the future.


At this point, the app development platform Appsmith does not have integration with AI features. However, a user expressed interest in creating admin panels through speech commands. They suggested using a layer or plugin to interact with Appsmith's code and DOM.

After consideration, the suggestion was made to focus on manipulating the UI through actions in the DOM rather than implementing API calls directly through voice commands. This solution would likely be easier to implement and could potentially allow for future integration with AI features. No specific code examples were provided.