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Is there a way to use OR for example in the disabled box section


I am trying to disable a checkbox if any other checkbox is checked. I am wondering if there is an "or" function I can use for the Disabled property or if I need to use the store function. Can you provide assistance with this issue?


To disable a checkbox if any other checkbox in a group is checked, you can use the || (or) operator in the Disabled property. This can be done using the following code:

<Checkbox disabled={checked1 || checked2 || checked3} />

In this example, if any of the checkboxes (checked1, checked2, or checked3) are checked, the Disabled property will evaluate to true and the checkbox will be disabled.

Alternatively, you could use a store function to track the state of the checkboxes and update the Disabled property accordingly. This would involve setting up a store that tracks the checked state of each checkbox and using a computed property to evaluate whether any checkbox is checked. The computed property would then be used to update the disabled state of each checkbox.