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Using a button/text to toggle visibility of a widget?


I am looking for a way to toggle the visibility of a widget by clicking on a button or text, without using a checkbox or switch. I want the button to switch from "Show" to "Hide" based on the current visibility state of the widget. Additionally, I need to disable or hide a dropdown if something is written in an input field, and vice versa when a dropdown option is selected.


The solution involves using the storeValue() method to toggle the visibility of a widget at the click of a button. To implement a toggle button that changes its label and appearance based on the visibility of the widget, you can use a conditional statement to check the widget's state and change the label and styling accordingly. Similarly, you can disable or hide an input field or select dropdown based on the state of the other element using a similar method. The code examples provided in the discussion above showcase how to implement these functionalities.