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With a lifelong passion for robotics, electronics, and coding, I am Sanjiv A, a dedicated and aspiring Robotics Engineer. Currently serving as the CEO of Sanju's Robotics Studio and CODDIO, I've cultivated a deep fascination with the magic of software and the intricacies of electronics since my early encounters at the age of 4. My journey in the tech realm led me to become a WWDC '22 Scholar, winning accolades for my innovative work.

Driven by a commitment to turning dreams into code, I embrace each project as an opportunity for creative expression. As a Coding Wizard, I continuously explore the realms of artificial intelligence, robotics, and electronics. My journey began with tinkering at a young age and evolved into becoming a Freelancer, where I design and develop custom CRM solutions for startups globally.

Beyond my entrepreneurial endeavors, I lead a local Hack Club, where we delve into the world of microcontrollers, sparking interest in robotics and electronics among diverse backgrounds. I thrive on collaboration, engaging with the community to develop innovative solutions and hosting regular discussion sessions.

Raised in a middle-class family, I understand the value of hard work and determination. My parents' sacrifices have fueled my ambition, allowing me to overcome financial constraints to pursue my tech dreams. As I embark on this journey, my commitment to coding and developing impactful solutions remains unwavering.

Join me on this exciting venture as we explore the boundless possibilities of technology and work towards shaping a future driven by innovation and creativity.

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Sanju's Robotics Studio 
May 2019 - Present 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer 
May 2023 - Present

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