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AI Powered Apps On Appsmith

The Age of AI

We are clearly in a new age where generative AI has gained a lot of popularity. AI is revolutionizing the way enterprises work. With the ability to process data, analyze patterns, and assist in decision-making, AI is transforming business operations, improving efficiency, and delivering data-driven decisions.      

AI at Appsmith

In the last 3 months alone, we've seen over 150+ generative AI apps on Appsmith 🚀

To simplify bringing AI into your apps, we've launched a new OpenAI Integration, unlocking new possibilities for content generation, decision-making, and augmenting human tasks. With this integration, you can now leverage the power of advanced AI models to solve business problems like generating a response for support tickets, assisting a human decision on a loan application, or classifying customer reviews based on sentiment. Here's a sample app with some powerful business use cases to showcase what's possible with the integration:


Demo: Building an AI-powered app in under a minute 


The Job is not done

We believe that AI will radically transform business processes and make them more efficient. But even with our Open AI Integration, it can be quite a daunting task to successfully optimize a business process. Picking the right model, prompt engineering, fine-tuning, embedding context, iterative learning & even picking the right use cases can leave you stranded. We're going a step further with a cutting-edge AI feature to help you improve the efficiency of your processes without all the complexity.

Sounds interesting? Schedule a call with us & get a sneak peek at the early beta 


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Mon, 12/11/2023 - 08:36

We're currently seeing developers build the following use cases using AI: 

  1. Text Generation (eg: support ticket response, marketing content, emails)
  2. Text Classification (eg: labelling support tickets, analysing sentiment of customer reviews)
  3. Assistance in decision-making (eg: AI recommendation for loan approval, order refund)
  4. Data extraction from images  (eg: extract data from receipts, KYC documents)

Let us know in the comments what use cases you’re building using AI and what building blocks you would like Appsmith to support. 

Comment "AI" if you'd like to fork a copy of the sample app showcased in the post 

maleo public View maleo's profile
Fri, 01/12/2024 - 03:17

Hi Bharath, 

why in my appsmith api1 query, below messages just one input box, instead of two (Role and Content) in your demo?

Bharath Natarajan Verified user staff View bharath's profile
Fri, 01/12/2024 - 07:34

In reply to by maleo

Toggle the JS mode to view the Role and Content inputs :) Hope this answers your question

sarthakagarwal1 public View sarthakagarwal1's profile
Sat, 02/17/2024 - 06:51

Looking for samples to try.