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Appsmith February Newsletter

Hello Appsmiths, 👋

We're excited to announce a big event coming up in March: Appsmith BUILD. This event will feature keynotes from our founders, a first look at game-changing new Appsmith features, discussions on reusability, working with Salesforce, and more! Appsmith customers will also share the challenges they faced before implementing Appsmith and their successes and achievements afterward. So, register now and mark your calendars for March 19th & 20th.

We have a new story about Strapi, an open-source headless CMS. For their support operations, Strapi faced challenges in managing and accessing customer data efficiently. However, they turned to Appsmith to create a centralized dashboard that streamlined their processes, reducing their response times and improving their customer support experience.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon. 🫰

Product updates

A purple image with a screenshot of Appsmith AI contextual prompts

Introducing Appsmith AI

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your teams by quickly building intelligent chat, data, and document analysis tools powered by AI. Appsmith AI provides pre-built knowledge retrieval and other AI interactions, making it fast and easy to build highly-functional applications tailored to your business.

Performance Fix for generateDataTreeWidgetWithoutMeta

A new configuration option is introduced in the Table Widget to hide properties based on column types. State management in widgets using immer has been updated for better performance and reliability.

→ Find all the details of these new releases and additional updates in our monthly round-up.


Driving Business Results with Appsmith AI and New AI Integrations

Cut through the hype to find out how AI applications can provide real benefits to your business and workflows by saving time and money.

How to Visualize and Graph Data from Your PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB Database in Under Five Minutes

Learn how to quickly and easily build a custom dashboard to visualize data from any database including PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Beyond the Hype - Exploring AI Use Cases that are Delivering Real Business Value

This article is an excerpt from Beyond the Hype - Exploring AI Use Cases that are Delivering Real Business Value, an ebook exploring the results of Appsmith's recent survey of IT and engineering teams.

→ Visit the blog to learn more

Community updates

Congratulations to Bobur U. the winner of our February community template contest! Bobur created a Meeting AI Assistant Report template that processes video recordings from Google Meet, writes notes, captures action items, and generates summaries. This is an excellent contribution to our community. Great job, Bobur!

Add AI Text Classification to Your Apps

Watch Kevin as he explains how text classification in Appsmith AI is trained to assign categories or labels to text based on its content, allowing you to automatically organize, structure, and categorize large amounts of text data.

Effortless File Uploads: How to Manage Files with R2 and Airtable API

Integrate Cloudflare's R2 storage with Airtable API for seamless file handling and data management inside Appsmith.

Recognizing Our Community Leaders

Apply to become a community leader at Appsmith. Learn more about the role and how to get involved.

March Template Contest: Supa-Smith!

For the March template contest, we’re teaming up with Supabase to bring you double the swag and community recognition. Any template using Supabase is eligible to win!

→ Visit the community portal to learn more


March Release Jam

Thursday, March 14th | 8:30 PM IST, 8:00 AM PT

Join our monthly release jam to learn about the latest features and updates, and participate in our monthly low-code contest for a chance to win exciting prizes. Take part in the interactive Q&A session and live demo to get your questions answered.

Appsmith BUILD

March 19th & 20th | 8:30 PM IST, 7:00 AM PT

An exciting 2-day virtual event where we will unveil new capabilities in Appsmith, showcase applications that our community has built, and provide hands-on training and tutorials.

Appsmith March Livecoding

Thursday, March 28th | 8:30 PM IST, 8:00 AM PT

Kevin Blanco Zuñiga and Joseph Petty will be hosting a live coding session. They will build in real-time and answer your questions about using Appsmith for your apps.

Office hours with Support

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we hold office hours on Discord with the Support team. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and engage with our team.