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April Content Contest: Custom Widgets!

With Appsmith’s 45+ widgets, you have a ton of options for displaying and interacting with your data. But occasionally there’s a need for a specialize UI component that no platform would offer out of the box. Think industry specific components like an airline seat map, 3D model rendering or floor plan viewer, etc.

Hitting the limits of a no-code or low-code platform usually means you have to compromise on features, or start over and rebuild in another platform. Usually…

Enter the Custom Widget

custom widget builder

Custom Widgets enable you to build any component you want, using any library or framework! The full 3 panel editor (HTML, CSS, JS) makes it easy to configure your custom widget separate from the rest of the app.


Reminder: the monthly contest now applies to ALL content types, not just templates!

So this month, any content around Custom Widgets is eligible to win! You can submit your custom widget as a template, or create a video or written tutorial about how you built it.

And to sweeten the deal, this month’s winner will also receive a custom, limited edition Appsmith shirt, in addition to the regular swag pack!

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