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✉️ Packages, Workflows, Custom Widgets, Zendesk Clone, Customer 360, and More!

Hello Appsmiths, 👋

We've had an exciting month with Appsmith BUILD! We've introduced several new game-changing features in Appsmith that we're excited to share with you!
🚀✨ Workflows [beta]
♻️♻️ Reusability - queries and code [beta]
🪄💥 Custom widgets
⚡ ⚡️IDE 2.0
💥 💡 Git support for full CI/CD integration
We also have a new story to share with you about HeyJobs and how they modernized their legacy marketing applications with Appsmith. This has saved them weeks of development time and enabled non-engineers to contribute to feature development.
Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, happy building! ✨


Product updates

Packages and modules [beta]

Packages and Modules are designed to allow you to reuse queries and JS logic, simplifying maintenance across your Appsmith apps. Packages and Modules are currently in beta in the Business and Enterprise editions. Upgrade to the Business edition if you want to use them in your applications.

Workflows [beta]

Automate business processes, enabling Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) and backend systems interactions, as well as integration with external services. Workflows are currently in beta for the Business and Enterprise editions. If you want to start automating your critical business processes, sign up for the beta program.

Shifting auto-layout to maintenance mode

In anticipation of the rollout of our next-generation UI Builder, we are transitioning auto-layout to maintenance mode starting on April 15th. Auto-layout apps will continue to function as before, but you will no longer be able to create new auto-layout apps by converting apps from fixed layouts. You can still fork existing auto-layout apps or create new fixed-layout apps.

→ Find all the details of these new releases and additional updates in our monthly round-up.

Write a review, get a $25 gift card

Your feedback matters to us - and to the community. Please take a moment to give us a review on G2. Send us a link to your published review, and we'll give you a gift card of your choice.

→ Write a Review


Bootstrapping Your Own Zendesk Clone in Under an Hour Using Appsmith

This tutorial shows you how to get started building a fully-customizable Appsmith application that can replace a customer support tool like Zendesk.

Using Appsmith to Build a Customer 360 App, while Saving $20k+ per Year

We recently ran into tool sprawl across the Appsmith org. So we turned to Appsmith to build an internal tool to solve this problem and drive better results.

→ Visit the blog to learn more


Community updates

winner of the Supabase contest was Sanjiv Anand, who built a Kanban Board

Starting from last month, we began accepting all types of content in our monthly contest, including blogs, tutorials, templates, and videos. The winner of the Supabase contest was Sanjiv Anand, who built a Kanban Board. Sanjiv, our first community leader, has been an active member for over three years. He has won multiple awards at our annual Hacktoberfest event and is one of our most active Appsmith freelancers, with an impressive portfolio on Fiverr. Thank you Sanjiv, for all your valuable contributions to the Appsmith community!

Filemaker API Connector: A Free and Open-Source Starter Solution for Integrating Filemaker with Any API Or Database

The article shares a more modern API connector to integrate any API or database into FileMaker Pro, replacing the insert from URL script step, curl requests, and "escaped quotes”.

Add AI Text Classification to Your Apps

Text classification in Appsmith AI is trained to assign categories or labels to text based on its content, allowing you to automatically organize, structure, and categorize large amounts of text data. Learn how to add it to your Appsmith apps.

Javascript Objects Vs JSON: Explained Simply

This article dissects and explains the key differences between Javascript Objects and JSON.

April Content Contest: Custom Widgets!

For the April content contest, any content around Custom Widgets is eligible to win! You can submit your custom widget as a template, or create a video or written tutorial about how you built it.

→ Visit the community portal to learn more



How You Can Save $80K/Y by Using Appsmith Like We Did

Thursday, April 18th | 7:30 PM IST, 7:00 AM PT

Join Appsmith's CTO Arpit Mohan for a value-packed livestream on how we replaced our Cypress dashboard with a custom Appsmith app, saving over $80,000 per year.

Building a Google Sheets CRUD App Tech Workshop

Friday, April 12th | 7:30 PM IST, 7:00 AM PT

Learn how to use Leaflet.JS in a custom widget to create a map with a dynamic background image. This can be used for airline seat maps, building or job site inspections, or any other use case where you want to plot points on an image. 

Building Enterprise apps with Google Gemini + Appsmith

Burnaby, Canada | April 20th & 21st

If you are located in Burnaby, Canada, join Kevin who will be presenting a workshop at Vancouver's British Columbia Institute of Technology on how to build enterprise apps with Google Gemini and Appsmith.

Office hours with Support

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we hold office hours on Discord with the Support team. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and engage with our team.


Appsmith is an open-source, low-code platform to build internal apps quickly. Talk to us on Discord if you have any questions.