Appsmith Using Appsmith: Docsmith AI with Co-Founder Nikhil Nandagopal

Thursday, December 21
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST
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About the event

Crafting technical documentation can be a daunting task. Writers often find themselves investing substantial time and effort, while engineers may not necessarily excel in technical writing. At Appsmith, we faced this challenge head-on, leading to the birth of Docsmith – our AI-powered solution.

🤖 Introducing Docsmith In this exclusive session, we'll unravel the journey of creating Docsmith, a powerful AI system designed to revolutionize tech documentation. Join Nikhil Nandagopal, CoFounder of Appsmith, as we explore the genesis of Docsmith and its role in simplifying the documentation process.

💡 What to Expect:

  • Problem-Solving with AI: Learn how Docsmith addresses the pain points of traditional documentation methods.
  • Bootstrap with Ease: Discover how Docsmith helps bootstrap documentation, saving time and effort.
  • Quality Enhancement: Explore how AI can enhance the quality of technical documentation.

🛠️ Live Build Session: But that's not all! During this live session, Nikhil will guide you through the process of building Docsmith from scratch. Get ready to gain hands-on experience, understand the underlying principles, and acquire the skills to create your own AI-driven solutions.