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Can I restrict user from viewing one page of the application?


I want to restrict a user from accessing a specific page in my application. However, I am not sure how to achieve this using the RBAC feature in the enterprise edition of Appsmith. The documentation is not clear on how to do this based on user permissions or roles/groups.


To restrict a user from viewing a specific page in an application, you can implement custom authentication using community edition or use RBAC in the enterprise edition. RBAC (role-based access control) allows you to assign roles or groups to users and specify which roles or groups have access to certain pages.

To implement RBAC, you can first create roles and groups in the Appsmith dashboard. Next, assign users to the appropriate role or group. Finally, specify which roles or groups have access to the desired page by editing the page settings.

The process for implementing RBAC may differ slightly depending on your specific use case, but detailed instructions can be found in the Appsmith documentation under “Granular Access Control.”