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How do I manage global users on self-hosted community edition?


As an admin of a self-hosted instance of Appsmith, I am unable to manage global access for users. I created a user and have access to the admin settings, but I cannot see a list of other users or have any visibility into the apps they have created or what they have access to. I am also unable to use Appsmith's own database as a datasource, which I hoped would provide some visibility into user accounts. There is a need for better global user management in the Community Edition, as some users are signing up with invalid email addresses and causing confusion. The Appsmith team is aware of this issue and is tracking it on a Github ticket.


Currently, global access for users on a self-hosted instance of Appsmith is not available in the Community Edition. However, the RBAC feature will soon be released on the Business Edition, which will provide admins with granular control over user access to applications and workspaces.

Visibility into other users' apps and access is currently not available, but it is being tracked as a feature request on Github. Additionally, there is no direct way to use the internal database of Appsmith as a datasource.

For now, if you have invalid user accounts that need to be deleted, you can contact Appsmith support for assistance. It is recommended that you wait for the RBAC feature to be released for better user management control.