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How to make columns editable programmatically


I am trying to make dynamic columns in a table editable, but there is currently no way to control the Editable property through code. The UI option to make columns editable will not work as new columns are added dynamically. I need to be able to attach a function to the onSubmit event that will save the edited data to the database and identify the row and column that was edited. I have tried prepopulating the columns and enabling the master checkbox, but these solutions do not work for dynamic columns. I have filed a feature request for this functionality.


The Table widget in the platform does not currently offer a way to programmatically make columns editable, especially for dynamically added columns. Users have tried enabling the master checkbox in the data settings, but this only works for columns that are known to the system.

To solve this problem, one can file a feature request in GitHub with a detailed use case explaining why this functionality is needed. The request should include how the user wants to make some but not all columns editable, and how to connect onSubmit for each column to a function that saves the updated data to the database.

At the moment, there is no workaround for this issue.