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Reset cursor on form


I am building a form where users can scan and enter hundreds of items using a barcode scanner. After submitting the form, I want it to reset and place the cursor back to the first field without having to refresh the page. I have tried using the resetWidget function, but it didn't work. I am considering using an iframe to handle this, but I would like to file a feature request/bug to address this issue.


The problem is that a form needs to be reset when the user submits it, but the cursor needs to be placed back to where it started without refreshing the page. The user needs to scan a few hundred items, and resetting the form is essential for this process.

The solution suggested was to use the resetWidget function, but it did not work. The user tried different combinations of onBlur, onSubmit, and children modifiers, but none of them changed the focus of the cursor. They also tried Auto Focus and changing stored values with no success.

The best workaround suggested was to convert the form into an iframe to handle the cursor movement. Another solution proposed was to file a feature request/bug, explaining the use case and how it would be useful for others.