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Appsmith November Newsletter

Hello Appsmiths, 👋

In this monthly edition, we are excited to share some inspiring success stories that highlight the value and impact of using Appsmith for businesses.

Let us introduce you to Duarte Carreira, the Data Analysis & Visualization Director at EDIA. Duarte shares how Appsmith accelerated their app development and maintenance, allowing them to build 80% faster. With Appsmith, they were able to rebuild a collaborative platform, a legacy internal ticketing app, and even complete a regulatory impact simulator project in just one week.

We also had the opportunity to connect with Oscar Santana, CTO at ART Fertility Clinics. They were facing challenges with decentralized and unreliable data management. By building custom extensions to their clinical management software with Appsmith, they were able to integrate their existing systems, improve operations, and gain control over their data.

If you're curious to learn and discover the best value you can achieve with your Appsmith apps, we invite you to watch our latest talk with Abhishek Nayak, CEO and Co-Founder of Appsmith.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon! 🫰


Product Updates 

Open AI Datasource Integration

Introducing OpenAI datasource integration, which allows you to create chatbots and co-pilots, summarize text, and extract labels in your apps using OpenAI’s Chat Completion, Embeddings, and Vision APIs.

Branch Protection and Default Branch config

In Appsmith, you can use Git to maintain different environments across instances. Now, you can set a different default branch in each environment, This means that users who launch the app from the dashboard will see the deployed version from this branch. You can also now protect branches to enforce code reviews and ensure secure development following good practices.

ECharts widget support

To improve the charting features in Appsmith, we have decided to replace Fusion Charts with ECharts as our preferred library. Now, you will have the option to create more flexible built-in charts in your apps.

A big shoutout to @danguilherme, @torcoste, @danceAndJive, and @trivikr for your contributions to November's releases. We appreciate your support and can't wait to see what else you bring to the table. Keep up the fantastic work!

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How We Reduced Our Annual Software Expenses by $80,000 Using Appsmith

Internal process and support tools are an ever-increasing expense for businesses. This article shows how Appsmith saved $80,000 per year by replacing Cypress, a testing tool.

The Future of Intent-Driven Design

Learn how Appsmith plans to expand on the initial intent-driven auto layout functionality with app-level layouts and intent-driven theming.

Git in Appsmith: Every Developer Has Been Saved by Git — So, Why Isn’t it a Feature of App Platforms?

Every developer has a story about how Git has saved their project from disaster. So why is Appsmith the first to bring it to app platforms?



Appsmith On Google Cloud Run - Secure Static Outbound IP Address

Learn how to securely set up a Cloud Run serverless application that connects all outbound requests through a static IP address.

SQL Reserved Words

SQL is a programming language used for managing data in relational databases. It uses reserved words to perform specific functions. Knowing these words is important for developers working with SQL databases.

Revolutionizing Business Intelligence with Appsmith and Neon

Learn how to revolutionize business intelligence by using Appsmith with Neon, the fully managed multi-cloud serverless Postgres solution.

Running Mssql Server in Your Mac M1/M2/M3 Using Docker - Bonus Secret at the End

Building an Animated Dice Roll SVG Generator with Vanilla Javascript and Chatgpt

52 Funny Code Comments

Understanding Appsmith with Serverless Architecture

Coding Clean: Write Better Code Now

Riddle Me This - the Many Uses of the '?' Operator in Javascript

Lack of Comments Is a Bug

Connecting to Github Using the Graphql API

How to Build A Self-Checkout Payment System with the Codescanner Widget


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