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How can I change a user’s email


I have a typo in my AppSmith admin user email which is causing issues when sending emails. I have superuser access but cannot change the incorrect email listed in the pop-up menu under "Edit Profile". I attempted to edit the user collection in MongoDB, but it broke the system. The team informed me that changing existing user emails is difficult, so I will have to create a new account with the correct email and make it a superuser. It would be helpful to include this information in an FAQ.


The user had a typo in their AppSmith admin user email and needed to change it. They had superuser access, but the incorrect email was still showing up in the user menu and profile editing section. They tried to change the email directly in the user collection in MongoDB, but it ended up causing issues with AppSmith.

The suggested solution was to sign up as a separate user with the correct email and make the new account another superuser. This was deemed to be the best course of action as changing the emails of existing users is near-impossible/way-too-involved.

It may be helpful to include this solution in an FAQ for future reference.