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Migrating an Event Tracker: Google Forms + Sheets to Appsmith + Postgres


In this video series, I'll be migrating a Company Event Calendar, from Google Forms & Sheets, to a new app in Appsmith, using Postgres for the backend. I'll be using Supabase for the Postgres host, but you can follow along using an Postgres provider, like Neon, or your own locally hosted server. 


  • An existing Google Sheet to migrate to Postgres

    • Copy this sample sheet to follow along with the tutorial, or use your own data
  • An Appsmith Account

  • A Supabase account

    • or follow along using any other Postgres host, or a local database



First we'll take a look at the existing solution in Google Forms and Sheets, then preview the new app that we'll be building in Appsmith. 


  1. Migrating the Data to Postgres

    Preparing the data for import to SQL, then importing to a new table in Supabase.

  2. Creating the Datasource and Querying the Database

  3. Filtering Events using a WHERE clause

  4. Adding Events

  5. Deleting Events

  6. Updating Events


Alright, we have a complete CRUD page for managing Events! That concludes the first tutorial in this series. In the next tutorial, we'll add an Employee Directory page, and related the event table to the employee table. 

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