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Appsmith October Newsletter

Now that October and Hacktoberfest are over, let's recap the exciting events that took place during this month. We started with our first-ever online conference - Appsmith Innovate. During the conference, we discussed trends in internal solutions, got a sneak peek at the roadmap, and more. You can watch the recordings or read a recap on our blog.

One exciting announcement is the ability for the community to upload their templates for everyone's use. A huge shout-out to Aditya Parthiban for sharing the first community template - a Multi Step Form

The community doesn't build just for the sake of building; they are looking to solve business problems. We appreciate contributors who share their solutions, and we would love to hear more about your Appsmith stories. Please take a moment to share what you're working on.

And last but not least, we had our October release jam, where we announced ESM JavaScript Library support and AI-powered contextual prompts.

Read on to find out about the lastest Appsmith news, product updates, and community content. 

Community Updates

Export/import a database between Baserow accounts using Appsmith

Frederik Duchi introduces an open-source automation using n8n that enables the export of an entire database, including its structure, views, and data, between Baserow accounts using Appsmith.

Understanding Git Rebase

Git merge is commonly used to incorporate changes from a feature branch to the main branch. However, there are alternative methods. Have you heard of "git rebase"? Or maybe you're familiar with "rebase" and "merge" but unsure when to use them? Discover everything about git rebase.

Connection Pooling with Supabase's New Supavisor

Supabase has introduced a new connection pooler called Supavisor. This article explores why Supabase upgraded from pgbouncer and the shift to IPv6. It also reviews the recommended method for creating a Supabase datasource in Appsmith.

Zendesk API: Creating an Authenticated API Datasource 

Learn how to create an Authenticated API Datasource in Appsmith to securely store the token on the Appsmith server. Ensuring you are using the most secure method for connecting to the Zendesk API.

Product Updates 

ESM JavaScript Libraries

Previously, Appsmith only supported UMD builds of JS libraries, which sometimes caused compatibility issues. Now, with the introduction of ESM (ECMAScript Modules), development teams can now seamlessly integrate the latest JavaScript libraries, making the development process smoother and more efficient.

AI Contextual Prompts

AI Contextual Prompts are context-aware and understanding your data structures. Simply express your requirements in plain English, and Appsmith will automatically generate complex SQL queries, JavaScript functions, and even SVGs.

Email verification on Appsmith Cloud

Appsmith did not require email verification for logging in, which led to potential issues with junk emails and unauthorized sign-ins. To address this concern, new users are now required to verify their email by clicking a magic link sent to their mailbox. This additional step ensures a more secure and reliable login experience for all Appsmith users. 

From the Blog

Building Responsive UI Tools: Everyone Keeps Making the Same Mistakes We discuss some key mistakes that different internal tools projects make when creating UI-building interfaces and how to approach the problem differently.

The Importance of Design Thinking Early in the Development Process

Design plays a pivotal role in early application development. Before you start, you must know what you are building, who it’s for, and how they will use it.

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