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Building a responsive web app for self-guided city tours using auto-layout


This tutorial shows how you can build a responsive web application using the auto-layout feature in Appsmith. The main focus is on building a responsive user interface with lists and map components. Besides this, you learn how to read / write data from a Baserow backend, pass data between screens using  query parameters and store and using the map widget. 


  • Skills:
    • A good understanding of the HTTP protocol and API's
    • A basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Accounts:


The home screen offers an overview of all the available city tours. Selecting a tour opens the detail screen where you see an overview of all the highlights that are included in the tour. These highlights are presented in both a list view and map view. Selecting a highlight opens their detail screen where you can submit a rating.

Want to skip the tutorial and check out the live app? Check it out here

  1. Step 1: setting up your base

    This step demonstrates how to set up you Baserow database starting from a template. It includes the use of formula's, linked fields and rollup fields.

  2. Step 2: creating an Appsmith project

    This step creates a new application, goes through the settings and converts it to an auto layout application.

  3. Step 3: connecting Appsmith and Baserow

    This step shows how you can get data from your Baserow backend and use it in Appsmith through an authenticated API.

  4. Step 4: overview of the tours

    This steps builds the home screen that shows an overview of all the tours and displays them in a list widget. It shows how you can pass data from one screen to another by using the querystring.

  5. Step 5: getting the details of a tour

    This step builds the detail screen for a tour with a list of all the highlights and uses both the list widget and map widget

  6. Step 6: add ratings

    This final step demonstrates how to create a modal screen in Appsmith and use the local storage before sending data back to the Baserow base.


You should have a fully functional application after completing all these steps. You can of course make your own variations or extend this application and get your current location using the geolocation object.

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