How To Manage Sessions, Authentication And Authorization: RLS Series Part 4

Tutorials • May 8, 2023

We've completed much of the groundwork required for our cutting-edge multi-tenant app. In this part of the series, we'll put all of the pieces together, and by the end of it, you'll have built a fully functional & secure app with RLS

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How To Set Up RLS On Postgres: RLS Series Part 3

Tutorials • Apr 30, 2023

Now this is the secret sauce, the RLS security feature. This video will cover how to enable RLS, create an access policy, and an RLS app user. See you in the video!

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How To Build A Simple DB Email And Password Auth Flow: RLS Series Part 2

Tutorials • Apr 23, 2023

Welcome to the second video in the RLS series. In this video, we'll build a sign-in/sign-up flow using the database, users' email, and hashed password. See you there!

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How To Create Multi-Tenant Apps With Row-Level Security: RLS Series Part 1

Tutorials • Apr 17, 2023

Ever heard of RLS? Not sure? It's an awesome security feature baked into most SQL-supported databases. We're creating a video series showing how to build secure multi-tenant RLS-based apps on Appsmith. Check it out!

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Using an array in query (where based on checkbox)

In my query, i want to filter the where clause based on a checkbox. To transform the array to a readable list in the query i use the selectedValues.join(', ') method. For one value this works, but as soon as i check multiple values this fails. My datasource is MS sql server

“sdf potmaat”,  
FROM stamgegevens.producten
WHERE locatie IN ({{CheckboxGroup1.selectedValues.toString()}});