Upload an Excel File and Show in a table


i am searching for a way to upload an Excel File and show it in a Table Widget. And after that create an MSSql Table from the shown table.

I already fail at the first step. The Excel data from the filepicker are obviously not suitable for displaying them in the table. Is there a possibility here ?

thank you in advance


Hi Franz, welcome!

Do you want to directly display the uploaded Excel sheet in a table? It’s not possible in Appsmith today the way you describe it. It is an interesting idea for sure and I’ve created an issue: [Feature]: Allow users to upload and view excel sheet without a DB integration · Issue #11182 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

To make it work today, you’ll need to first upload the file to a DB, convert it into JSON or an array, create a query to fetch the response, and then display the response in a table. Is it possible for you to first upload the file somewhere to convert it?

Hi Abhishek,

thank you for the quick reply. Ok i will try to Upload to Google Sheets. Probably that is an way ?


Yes you are right, that is a much simpler way :slight_smile: Just for my understanding, do you use any other database?


i am using mssql. I want to build an app to import and manipulate the Excel Sheet.


@franz I have a possible workaround you can use with CSV files. You can fork the app below and see how it works :slight_smile:

One more possibility related to Nikhil’s suggestion is to convert your excel to a google sheet.
Advantage of doing this is that Appsmith today offers Google Sheets as a datasource. You can connect your appsmith app to your sheet and set up the two way communication using queries.

@Nikhil Thank you. I want to look at the settings behind. But, is there a way to fork the app from cloud Version to my On Premise Server ? I

Yes you can fork it first to cloud and then export it. Then you can import it to your on Prem

ah ok Works :+1:

Thank you.